It’s Official….

Although originally I had intended on spending the summer frolicking in the sun and lounging by the kiddie pool, we accepted a new job and will be moving to Seattle.

My days of late of consisted of deep home cleaning, picking up endless barbie and lalaloopsy dolls and their teeny tiny accessories to keep the house somewhat presentable for a surprise walk thru.  You see, I am NOT that girl the one that has all her laundry folded, decorative pillows fluffed, ceased perfectly and staged on the couch….nope not me…so this has been quite the work out.

Crossing my fingers that the house sells quickly, so we can can get back to our clean but untidy life before the movers show up and pack us into tiny boxes.

For those of you looking for one of my adorable hats…I hope to be back to work by September.  But you can still email me and ask me any questions you like.  I will continue to maintain access and respond as soon as I can.


For Alex: Paris Party…oui oui


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I have noticed the Paris themed party posts floating around lately, so I was thrilled when Alex’s mama gave me free reign to create a Paris themed hat for Alex’s 3rd birthday.  The only request she had was the Eiffel Tower (of course! wouldn’t be Paris without it!).  I  immediately had the dress form idea, then when I was shopping though my supplies, I noticed some tulle and knew I had to use it for a cute little skirt, tied neatly with a pink bow.  Anyone up for a Paris or ballerina party?  I would love to make this one again!

Joyeux anniversaire Alex!


For Aliyah: Hippo and Birdie Hat


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I am so happy Aliyah’s mama stopped by again this year to request a birthday hat for her 2nd birthday party!  Aliyah loves hippos…so we came up with this cutie especially for her.   I love the little birdie on her back and her sweet little smile, but my favorite part is the cute little flower behind her ear.  Isn’t she darling?

Happy Birthday Aliyah!

For Mason: Turtle Bunting


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The bunting I have created in the past have mostly been used for birthday parties, but more and more they are being used for baby showers, bridal showers, mantel hangings and other fun events.    This cutie was made for Mason’s baby shower, requested by her Auntie.  I love the pop of bright green with the baby blue color combination.   And…aren’t the turtles sweetest?

For Ford and Olivia: Fox and Owl Bunting


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Having twins of my own, I hold a special place in my heart for all things twin.  When a good friend of Ford and Olivia’s family asked me to create this special bunting for the dynamic duo, I just couldn’t resist. I think it is really fun that it is all in one bunting, so that it can be used as a valance in their room, with each name over their individual cribs.  On a side note, you should see this nursery!  The color combinations are modern, yet soft and sweet.

Welcome home Ford and Olivia!

For Beckett: Farm Crown



I think you all know by now how much I love custom orders, creating something new is always fun and inspiring.  It is however, just as fun to re-purpose one my designs into something different.  Right around the time I was creating the farm cake wrap, Beckett’s mama asked me if I could make him a farm crown!  Of course I said yes, how could I refuse?  It turned out darling…

what else would you like to see re-purposed?

Monster Hat and Head Bands


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I am ever so Thankful for being able to have a business that I adore, which allows me to be express my creativity is so many fun ways.  I am also very Thankful for my returning customers, it is such a joy to be part of these family birthday traditions.

She was my inspiration for the It’s a Bugs Life hat, and this year she asked me to create a hat with monsters!  I had so much fun creating my own little monster guys.  She also found these fun monster  headbands on Pinterest (if you are not on Pinterest yet, I urge to you to sign up today), it is such a great place to find inspiration…however, it is VERY addictive so, before you sit down to play, make sure you some time to explore!

Happy Birthday!  I hope your birthday was a blast!

For Austin: It’s a Wrap…a cake wrap that is!


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My customers come up with the best ideas!  I am so lucky to have such creative minded folks ask me for such fun things to create.  When Austin’s mama asked me to create a cake wrap to match is farm hat, I couldn’t believe that I had never thought of that before.  She is making his cake, covering it in fondant and using the wrap as the decoration for the cake…she’s a genius I tell ya!  Here is how it turned out:

For Adams: Easter Themed Birthday Hat


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Adams’ mama is having an Easter themed party for his very first birthday.  I was so honored that she asked me to make his custom hat.  She wanted lots of detail, and some 3-D aspects to the hat.  I adore this hat, from the fluffy little tail, to the wing of the bumble bees!  Makes me want to start and Easter line….what do you think?

For Ryder: Ring Master Top Hat and Games

I am so excited to share with you, some of the fun items I made for Ryder’s circus themed birthday party!   His mama asked me to make him an adorable top hat, complete with a red velvet ribbon:


Next I offered up my pin the ball on the circus elephant, I had made this for one other customer, luckily I had a few pictures to share with her, she loved it so I made on especially for Ryder’s big day.


And, lastly…she asked me to make a bean bag toss game using the circus themed colors.  I decided on a canvas backdrop because it was a bit sturdier.  Then I used a felt awning and rings around the holes, lastly adding numbers above the holes to decide on a winner:

Creating custom items is always something I enjoy doing,  I am always happy to remake or modify anything you see in my shop or on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by!