3 Puppies and Their Boy


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Cooper’s mama had seen one of my hats on  a blog post,  and asked me if I could create a hat for her son’s 1st birthday.  I am a huge dog lover, can’t imagine our house without a furry family member, so of course I said yes!  She sent me some pictures and I went to work.  I love the basset hound with his droopy eyes, but the little dachshunds facial expressions just cracked me up.


Sharing A Little Etsy Love


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Exciting news here at Stell & Livi!!!  

Our shop is being featured on the A Little Etsy Love blog today and…we are sharing a givingaway for our loyal fans and readers, which includes a gift certificate to Stell & Livi!  Your gift certificate can be used toward any item in my shop, or a custom creation of your very own!  Don’t wait…click here to enter now!

Perfect Circus Party Game: Pin the Ball on the Elephant


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Inspiration comes from many places, but is the best when the inspiration comes from a customer who is looking for just the right item and cannot seem to find what she is looking for.  I am overjoyed to create those hard to find (or non-existent), custom items for my customers.   This game was created for such a customer,  I hope you like it!

For Bella: Winter Crown with Birds and Snowflakes


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Bella’s mama and papa asked me to make her a very special crown for her birthday. They wanted soft girly colors, with snowflakes and birds.  You see, Bella’s full name is Bella Neve, means Beautiful Snow in Italian/Latin. She was born after a huge snowstorm.  The birds signify her room decor and her father’s profession, working for the  National Audubon Society.  I sent the family a list of colors, they selected the ones that they liked best, and this is what the result was…


For Bella

For Aspen and Daddy: His and Her Crowns


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Aspen and her Daddy share the same birthday, so her mama asked me to create crowns for them both to wear at Aspen’s birthday party.  She wanted a pink crown, with soft pink, white and ivory colors, so I customized my Pink Roses crown for her.  For her Daddy’s crown I just customized the size of the royal knight crown, and kept it true to my original design.  In addition to the crowns, I created a bunting to pull both styles together.  I created the bunting in white, with designed flower end flags to match Aspen’s crown, added soft pink lettering and royal blue buttons to match her Daddy’s crown.

Happy Birthday Aspen!


For Jaxon: Mickey Mouse


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Oh Mickey, a character near a dear to my heart…a close friend of the family asked me to make his son a Mickey Mouse themed hat for this first birthday, how could I resist? I am always so nervous about doing character hats only because if they don’t look exactly like the character, they don’t look right…but wow, I couldn’t be happier about how Jaxon’s hat tuned out.

Happy Birthday Lil Man, I can’t wait to she how you looked wearing it at your big bash!


For Jaxon


For Harry: Paulie the Wiener Dog Party Hat


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Harry’s mama contacted me with an urgent request for a wiener dog party hat!  They have a certain member of the family named Paulie, a little wiener dog that Harry adores, and I cannot think of anything better to base a party off of.  I have never created a cute little wiener dog party hat before, but I as always I am up for a challenge.  She sent me an image and I was off.  Sometimes creativity comes like a wave, all at once and surrounds you in more creative ideas you can handle…and lucky for me, this was one of those moments. 

Happy First Birthday Harry!  I hope you (and Paulie) have the best day ever!



For Nicholas: Toy Story Hat


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I love it when my hats become part of the family birthday traditions; any one who comes back for more makes my heart jump with joy! 

I made a Blabla hat for Nicholas last year, although my camera pooped out and I wasn’t able to get a single picture! (No worries folks, we got a new one and I love, love, love it!)  Nicholas’ super cool mama asked me to create a Toy Story hat for Nicholas’s 5th birthday.  Makes me feel like I can create just about anything with a little felt and some love. 

Happy Birthday Nicholas!

For Ella – Butterflies and Flowers Hat


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It seems all little girls love the colors purple and pink…in fact, in our little family…one of my 4 year old twins likes pink and the other likes purple! 

Ella’s mama asked me to create a darling hat for her Ella’s very first birthday, using purples and butteflies…I think it is adorable! Don’t you?

For Sarah: Magalina the Dog Hat


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Sarah asked me to make a hat for her daughter’s 1st birthday based on this print by Kim Parker . 

I was thrilled, being  a huge fan of hers.  I adore Kim Parker’s work, from her paintings  to her home decor.  Everything is so bright, bold and colorful….beautiful!  Anything by her would make a statement in your home.  You can take a look at all of her work here.  Anyway, enough gushing…here is my very literal interpretation of the print, in a hat form.   What do you think?