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It probably isn’t much of a surprise to know that I love flowers, I love making them and adding them to my creations, I grow them in my garden, and I will buy a bouquet of flowers for myself…just because.  I think I am wanting Spring to come, it is cold and wintry…the ground is white with snow.  Thankfully  my work allows me to make flowers and bright cheery things all day long!

It is fun to watch orders evolve, the decision making process, the wheels turning, how one thing leads to another.  Initially Arden’s mommy asked me to make one of my pre-designed hats  and matching bunting for her daughter’s birthday.  When I asked if she was going to hang the bunting in Arden’s room after the party…the whole party design concept changed.  We created the hat and bunting based on the bedding that was just purchased for Arden’s room.  I loved the design and the freedom to create something really special for her.  I have the hat pictured, but nothing of the bunting…maybe Arden’s mommy will send me a few of it hanging in her room so I can share it with you.

This hat is not currently available in my shop, however, if you would like to contact me here…I would be happy to create something especially for you!