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Sophia’s mama contacted me to create a special hat for her baby girls  very first birthday, a simple pink balloon with a bow and a string.  And as it would happen, we added a couple of things…Each guest at the party will receive a plain felt hat with velvet ribbon ties in a coordinating pastel colors of baby pink, light yellow or baby blue. In addition to the hat, her guests will receive a wool felt tote, with a  balloon image that matches the design on Sophia’s hat;  in the coordinating pastel colors.  I also provided cones, like the plain felt hats, without the velvet ribbon to be used as a vessel to hold food that will be served at the party.

The simplicity of the balloon design is adorable, the tote bags, coordinating hats and food cones are a perfect touch to tie everything together. I am waiting on the edge of me seat to see the pictures from her party!

Happy Birthday beautiful Sophia!

The balloon hat and totes are not currently sold in my shop, however, if you would like to contact me here…I would be happy to create something especially for you!