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Well, more like a hat with ears… Natalie’s Godmother contacted me to ask if I would make a hat or crown with ears for Natalie’s first birthday.  This last September we took our twin daughters to Disney World for their 3rd birthday and I fell in love with Mickey and friends all over again.  So saying no to the challenge wasn’t something I even considered.  We decided on a hat, with ears and a big “1” on the front to celebrate Natalie’s’ big day! I was going to try it on one of my girls to see what it looked like, but quickly changed my mind when I thought about how on earth I was going to get them to give it back to me, I would have had to make 2 more just like it!

Happy Birthday Natalie, I hope you have a special day little one!

This hat is not currently sold in my shop, however, if you would like to contact me here…I would be happy to create something especially for you!